Politics Major

Lower Division Requirements
POL 202Fundamental Concepts in Politics3.00
POL 206Introduction to United States Politics3.00
POL 231Intro to International Relations3.00
POL 241Intro to Comparative Politics & Governmt3.00
POL 281Introduction to Political Philosophy3.00
Upper Division Requirements
Complete one course selected from each of the following five areas:15.00
United States
United States Public Policy
United States Elections
20 Century United States Politics
Seminar in U.S. Politics:
International or Comparative
Poverty, Inequality, and Development
US Foreign Policy Since WW II
Comparative Public Policy
Sem./International Politics:
Sem./Comparative Politics:
Political Theory
Theories of International Relations
Topics in Political Theory:
Abolition Democracy
Politics and the Law
Constitutional Law
Courts & the Judicial Process
International Law & Human Rights
Just & Sustainable Development
Internship in Politics/Law
POL 499ACapstone I: Approaches-Pol and Econ Anal3.00
POL 499BCapstone II : Integrated Experience3.00
Total SHs36