Dr. Amanda Milller, Professor, Chairperson

Dr. Mark Basham, Professor, Neuroscience Director

Dr. Brian Drwecki, Professor

Dr. Rona McCall, Professor

Dr. Rebecca Betjemann, Associate Professor

Dr. Ashley Fricks-Gleason, Associate Professor

Dr. Erin Winterowd, Associate Professor

Dr. Jamey Maniscalco, Assistant Professor

Dr. Robin Cloues, Lecturer/Lab Manager

Neuroscience is an interdisciplinary field in which scientists share a common interest in studying the anatomy, physiology, and function of the nervous system and how it regulates behavior. The major is designed to provide a strong foundation in neuroscience while giving students the flexibility to select courses that prepare them for a wide variety of career options. These include, but are not limited to, graduate study in neuroscience, psychology, neuropsychology, and healthcare areas such as physical therapy, neuro-rehabilitation and medicine. Neuroscience is also a major for students who are simply interested in understanding the nature of brain-behavior relationships and who want to pursue the field as part of a liberal arts education. Students will find that this major is compatible with a wide range of minors or double majors such as (but not limited to) biology, chemistry, health and exercise science, philosophy, or psychology.

The Honors-in-Neuroscience major adds an independent research component to the neuroscience major that further helps prepare students for graduate and professional schools or for research-oriented laboratory work.

Both neuroscience majors are administered by the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience. Students should work closely with their major advisor to plan a program of study commensurate with their educational and vocational goals.

Departmental Regulations

The minimum passing grade for any course taken towards satisfying the neuroscience major or minor is a “C-”. This standard applies to all lower and upper division neuroscience courses and all other courses required for the major or minor.