Undergraduate Research Certificate

Undergraduate research is a high-impact practice that deeply engages students with the university. This certificate was designed to make research opportunities more transparent and accessible to a wide range of students. Undergraduates pursuing this certificate will engage in collaborative research with a faculty mentor over the course of 2-3 years.

The certificate provides an opportunity for undergraduates to develop in-depth knowledge within their chosen field, engage in cross-disciplinary research, familiarize themselves with new technology, expand their qualitative and quantitative research skills, and foster meaningful relationships with their professors. Students pursuing the certificate will identify and cultivate their passion for a discipline as they grow into independent, self-motivated scholars in their field. Throughout this process, students will be challenged to discern and articulate their scholarly identity.

Designed to be completed alongside a student’s traditional undergraduate degree, the certificate combines dedicated coursework in research methodology and communication with mentored research and advanced coursework in a student’s chosen discipline. Interested students should contact the Director of the Undergraduate Research Certificate for more information and details on how to apply.