Dr. Becky Vartabedian, Associate Professor, Chairperson

Dr. Karen Adkins, Professor

Dr. Ronald DiSanto, Professor

Dr. Abigail Gosselin, Professor

Dr. Jason Taylor, Professor, Director of the First Year Experience

Dr. Ted Zenzinger, Associate Professor

Dr. Anandita Mukherji, Assistant Professor

Dr. Gregory Grobmeier, Senior Term Professor

Course Offerings

The Department offers courses at the 200 and 400 levels.

PL 270 Philosophical Explorations/PL 270C Philosophical Explorations: An introductory course in philosophy which acquaints students with the range of questions and issues raised in both the philosophical tradition and contemporary thought. Engages students in a critical analysis and evaluation of different philosophical positions, including their own.

Note: PL 270C Philosophical Explorations is a course that carries a communication focus in the course assignments and enrollment is limited to students who completed the paired/linked RCC 200 First Year Writing course in the fall semester.

Note: Enrollment in PL 270H Honors Philosophical Explorations is limited to students in the Regis College Honors Program.

400-level courses: Each of these courses are for Philosophy majors and minors, for students in the Honors Program, for students seeking an academic challenge, or for those who have a strong interest in the topic of the course. The 400-level courses work with challenging texts and concepts, introduce students to philosophical research, and require the completion of more extended writing assignments.