Dr. Kristofor Voss, Associate Professor, Chairperson

Dr. Jay Campisi, Professor

Dr. Michael Ghedotti, Professor

Dr. Amy Schreier, Professor

Dr. Bethany Lucas, Associate Professor

Dr. Gena Nichols, Associate Professor

Dr. John Sakulich, Associate Professor

Dr. Allyson Spence, Associate Professor

Dr. Allison Hall, Assistant Professor

Dr. Tyler Imfeld, Assistant Professor

Dr. M. Daniela Rivarola, Assistant Professor

Dr. Karin Streifel, Assistant Professor

Dr. Melanie Badtke, Senior Term Professor

Mr. Matthew Peetz, Senior Term Professor

Ms. Lea Stenerson, M.S., Senior Term Professor

The biology department offers two degrees, a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Arts in Biology. An optional specialization in Molecular Biology and Genetics or Ecology and Evolution is available for all Biology degrees.

The Bachelor of Science in Biology is designed to provide a broad knowledge of science including a strong background in Chemistry, Physics, and Biology. This degree is designed for those interested in pursuing advanced degrees in medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, or certain graduate programs in the natural sciences, as well as for those interested in biotechnology or various other biology-based careers.

The Bachelor of Arts in Biology is designed to allow flexibility while ensuring a strong background in Biology. The importance of biology in the modern world has made the combination of a strong background in biology with other fields of study a valuable endeavor. This degree is designed for those interested in pursuing advanced degrees in law, business, certain health science fields, education, or graduate programs outside of the natural sciences, as well for those generally interested in combining an understanding of biology with a study of fields outside of the natural sciences such as education or business. This program is particularly amenable to combination with another major or minor.