Dr. Rona McCall, Professor, Chairperson

Dr. Michael Ghedotti, Professor, Associate Chairperson

Dr. Stacy Chamberlain, Professor

Dr. John Jean, Professor

Dr. Kateri Ahrendt, Associate Professor

Dr. Nicholas Kallan, Associate Professor

Dr. Lynetta Mier, Associate Professor

Dr. Sarah Stevens, Laboratory Manager and Lecturer

Dr. Sarah Kohler, Term Professor

Dr. Niels Schonbeck, Senior Term Professor

Dr. Surendra Mahapatro, Professor Emeritus

Dr. Kimberley Waldron, Professor Emeritus

Departmental Information

The Department of Chemistry offers two degree tracks: Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry. Within each major track there are two options: Standard and ACS-certified.

The Standard Chemistry and Biochemistry options are designed to meet the core academic needs of students who plan to pursue careers in secondary education, those who plan on attending medical or dental school, or any student who seeks a firm grounding in chemistry but does not plan to pursue advanced studies or employment in the field.

The ACS-certified programs require more upper-division coursework than the standard programs and follow the curriculum guidelines recommended by the American Chemical Society Committee on Professional Training. These programs are designed for students planning to enter graduate school or those planning on careers in research and development in the chemical, pharmaceutical, or biotechnology industries.

All four degree programs require 8 semester hours of calculus and 8 semester hours of calculus-based physics. In addition, the Biochemistry programs require 8 semester hours of lower-division biology and 4 semester hours of upper-division coursework in biology.

The minimum passing grade for any course taken towards satisfying the major requirements for a Chemistry or Biochemistry degree is a C-. This standard applies to all lower- and upper-division courses and all other science and math courses required for the major.