History Major

Lower Division Requirements
Fifteen lower division semester hours of History courses. Student must take sequential courses from two separate regions and any one course from a third region.15.00
Global Environmental History
Sustainability & Collapse in World Hist
Planet in Crisis: A History
World History
World History to 1500
World History Since 1500
Europe to 1789
Europe Since 1789
America/United States
History of the United States to 1865
History of U.S. Since 1865
Middle East
The Middle East to 1800
The Middle East Since 1800
Africa to 1800
Africa Since 1800
East Asia
Premodern East Asia
Modern East Asia
Latin America and the Caribbean
Colonial Latin America
Modern Latin America
Upper Division Requirements
Regional or National Histories
Select three of the following:9.00
History of Colorado
History-Carribbean & the Atlantic World
Modern Japan
Modern China
The Indian Ocean World
Topics in History: National/ Regional
Independent Study/History:
Research Apprenticeship
Topical or Thematic
Select three of the following:9.00
Immigration in American History
Civil War and Gilded Age America
Culture of Politcs and Public Memory
Oral History: Theory & Methods
Stories From Wartime
The History of Chinese Food
Human Rights-Africa and the Middle East
Inter-Religious Relations-Middle East
Religion and Politics in Modern Africa
Topics in History: Topical/ Thematic
Independent Study/History:
Research Apprenticeship
Capstone and Major Portfolio
HS 499ACapstone I: Theory and Methods3.00
HS 499BCapstone II : The Senior Thesis3.00
Total SHs39