Political Economy Major

Lower Division Requirements
EC 200Economics for Responsible Citizenship3.00
EC 3200/3200CPrinciples of Macroeconomics3.00
EC 3300/3300CPrinciples of Microeconomics3.00
MT 270/270CIntroduction to Statistics3.00
POL 231Intro to International Relations3.00
or POL 241 Intro to Comparative Politics & Governmt
Upper Division Major Requirements
Twenty-four upper division semester hours of coursework in either Economics, Politics, or Political Economy which must include:
Macroeconomic Foundations3.00
Macroeconomic Theory
Comparative Economic Systems
Microeconomic Foundations3.00
Microeconomic Theory
Public Finance and Public Policy
General Dimensions
Select twelve semester hours of the following, in consultation with Political Economy advisor:12.00
Poverty, Inequality and Development
Behavioral Economics
Measuring What Matters
Consumption, Contentment, Climate Change
Environmental Economics and Law
International Economics
Public Finance and Public Policy
Topics in Political Economy
Optionally, three semester hours from the following may be applied toward the General Dimension electives:
Independent Study in Political Economy
Research Apprenticeship I
Internship in Political Economy
Capstone and Major Portfolio
PEC 499ACapstone I: Approaches-Pol and Econ Anal3.00
PEC 499BCapstone II : Integrated Experience3.00
Total SHs39