Visual Arts Major

Lower Division Requirements
Twenty-one lower division semester hours, which must include the following:
FAA 330Design Foundation3.00
FAA 331Graphic Design Foundation3.00
FAHS 211Art History: Prehistory to 14003.00
FAHS 212Global Art History: 1400 to Present3.00
Select three courses from the following:9.00
Introduction to Digital Art
Introduction to Photography
Introduction to Painting
Introduction to Sculpture
Introduction to Drawing
Introduction to Printmaking
Upper Division Requirements
Twenty-four upper division semester hours, which must include the following:
Upper division Art Studio courses (must include two in a single medium, and at least one in another medium). Select from the following:12.00
Advanced Digital Art
Digital Art Studio
Advanced Photography
Photography Studio
Advanced Painting
Painting Studio
Advanced Sculpture
Sculpture Studio
Advanced Drawing: Drawing Human Figure
Drawing Studio
Advanced Printmaking
Printmaking Studio:
Upper division in Art History6.00
FAA 497Senior Art Studio3.00
FAA 499Senior Thesis3.00
Total SHs45