Art History Major

Lower Division Requirements
FAHS 211Art History: Prehistory to 14003.00
FAHS 212Global Art History: 1400 to Present3.00
Select one of the following:3.00
Introduction to Digital Art
Introduction Three-Dimensional Printing
Introduction to Photography
Introduction to Painting
Introduction to Sculpture
Introduction to Drawing
Introduction to Printmaking
Design Foundation
Upper Division Requirements
Select fifteen semester hours of the following courses:15.00
Themes in Art History:
Modern Art: Neo-Classicism to 1945
Contemporary Art: 1945 to Present
Early Modern Art 1300-1800
Asian Art
Race, Gender, and Art
American Art: Colonial to Present
History of Photography
Medieval Art
Special Topics in Music and Art:
New Mexico Santos Tradition
Six upper division (400 level) semester hours in consultation with an academic advisor6.00
FAHS 497Senior Art History Thesis Research3.00
FAHS 499Senior Art History Thesis3.00
Total SHs36