Music Major

Lower Division Requirements
Vernacular Traditions/American Music (choose one)3.00
R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A.
United States Folk, Pop and Jazz
American Musical Theater Studies
American Music and Identity
Jazz in American Culture
Music in World Cultures3.00
Soundscapes in a Changing World
Mexican Music: Identity and Purpose
Music Theory
FAMT 200Music Theory I 13.00
FAMT 201Aural Skills I 13.00
FAMT 300Music Theory II3.00
FAMT 301Aural Skills II1.00
FAMT 350Music Theory III3.00
Applied Music (FAM 200-level)
Applied Lesson1.00
Applied Lesson1.00
Music Ensemble (FAM-200 level)
Recital Hour
FAMR 200AFreshman Recital Hour A0.00
FAMR 200BFreshman Recital Hour B0.00
FAMR 300ASophomore Recital Hour A0.00
FAMR 300BSophomore Recital Hour B0.00
Music Elective from FAM, FAMH, FAMT, or FAC (Music Course) in Consultation with Advisor3.00
Note: Required every semester once the music major is declared.
Upper Division Requirements
Advanced Music History
FAMH 452European Music Literature3.00
FAMH 455E-WTopics in Music History3.00
Advanced Music Theory
FAMT 400Orchestration Arranging and Conducting3.00
Advanced Applied Music (FAM 400-level)
Advanced Applied Lesson1.00
Advanced Applied Lesson1.00
Advanced Music Ensemble (FAM-400 level) Four semester hours required sustained over two semesters
Advanced Ensemble0.00-3.00
Advanced Ensemble0.00-3.00
Recital Hour
FAMR 400AJunior Recital Hour A0.00
FAMR 400BJunior Recital Hour B0.00
FAMR 450ASenior Recital Hour A0.00
FAMR 450BSenior Recital Hour B0.00
Senior Thesis: Music in the Arts
FAM 499Senior Thesis: Music in the Arts3.00
Total SHs38-50

Prerequisites may be required depending upon music theory placement.