Spanish Major

Lower Division Requirements
Select the equivalent of first-year proficiency in another foreign language or a six semester hour combination from the following:6.00
Phonetics (if not already counted toward major)
Coursework towards certification in English as a second language
Coursework in bilingual education
Spanish for health care practitioners (if not already counted toward major)
Related coursework in other academic fields subject to departmental approval
Full-time enrollment for a minimum of one semester in a non-English-based study abroad program
Upper Division Requirements
Select twenty-five upper division semester hours of Spanish courses, which must include:
SP 408AAdvanced Spanish I for Heritage Speakers3.00
or SP 409 Advanced Spanish I
SP 408BSpanish for Heritage Speakers II3.00
or SP 410 Advanced Spanish II
SP 411Advanced Spanish III3.00
SP 430ASurvey of Spanish Literature3.00
SP 430BSurvey of Lat American Lit3.00
SP 460Romance Linguistics3.00
Upper Division Spanish Elective6.00
SP 496Senior Project1.00
Total SHs31

Note: The Modern Language Department highly recommends study abroad as an integral part of the Spanish major.