French Major

Lower Division Requirements
Select the equivalent of first-year proficiency in another foreign language or a six semester hour combination from the following:6.00
Phonetics (if not already counted toward major)
Coursework towards certification in English as a second language
Coursework in bilingual education
Spanish for health care practitioners (if not already counted toward major)
Related coursework in other academic fields subject to departmental approval
Full-time enrollment for a minimum of one semester in a non-English-based study abroad program
Upper Division Requirements
Select twenty-two upper division semester hours of French, which must include:
FR 409Advanced French I3.00
FR 410Advanced French II3.00
FR 411Advanced French III3.00
FR 415French Politics and Culture3.00
FR 460Romance Linguistics3.00
FR 499Senior Seminar1.00
Upper division semester hours in a related field selected in consultation with the French advisor.3.00
Upper Division French Electives6.00
Total SHs31