Biochemistry Major

Lower Division Requirements
BL 258General Biology I: Organismic 13.00
BL 259Organismic Biology Lab1.00
BL 260General Biology II: Mlclr & Cellular3.00
BL 261Molecular & Cellular Biology Laboratory1.00
CH 210General Chemistry I 14.00
CH 211General Chemistry I Lab1.00
CH 230General Chemistry II4.00
CH 231Principles of Chemistry II Lab1.00
CH 250Organic Chemistry I4.00
CH 251Organic Chemistry Laboratory I1.00
MT 360ACalculus I 24.00
MT 360BCalculus II4.00
PH 304AGeneral Physics with Calculus I3.00
PH 305AGeneral Physics With Calculus I Lab1.00
PH 304BGen Physics with Calculus II3.00
PH 305BGeneral Physics Lab with Calculus II1.00
Upper Division Requirements
CH 410Quantitative Analysis2.00
CH 420Organic Chemistry II4.00
CH 421Organic Chemistry II Lab1.00
CH 428Synthesis and Characterization Lab2.00
or CH 431 Physical/Computational Chemistry Lab
CH 430AThermodynamics and Kinetics3.00
CH 440Instrumental Analysis2.00
CH 441Instrumental Analysis Lab2.00
CH 452ABiochemistry I3.00
CH 452BBiochemistry II3.00
CH 453Biochemistry Laboratory2.00
CH 485Junior Chemistry Seminar1.00
CH 495Senior Chemistry Seminar1.00
Select one of the following Biology lecture courses3.00
Developmental Biology
Principles of Genetics
Cell and Cancer Biology
Molecular Biology
Human and Comparative Physiology
Select one of the following Biology laboratory courses1.00
Microbiology Laboratory
Genetics Laboratory
Human & Comparative Physiology Lab
Molecular & Cellular Bio Research Lab 3
Total SHs69

Prerequisite: ACT score 22 or greater or a C- or better in CH 209 Introductory College Chemistry


Prerequisite may be required depending on mathematics placement.


If lecture course does not have a corequisite laboratory, then BL 469B must be used to fulfill the laboratory requirement. 

Biochemistry-ACS Certified

In addition to the requirements listed above for the Traditional Biochemistry degree, the ACS-certified program requires completion of the following courses:

CH 466Modern Inorganic Chemistry3.00
CH 499AResearch in Chemistry or Biochemistry1.00
Total SHs4