Chemistry Major

Lower Division Requirements
CH 210General Chemistry I 14.00
CH 211General Chemistry I Lab1.00
CH 230General Chemistry II4.00
CH 231Principles of Chemistry II Lab1.00
CH 250Organic Chemistry I4.00
CH 251Organic Chemistry Laboratory I1.00
MT 360ACalculus I 24.00
MT 360BCalculus II4.00
PH 304AGeneral Physics with Calculus I3.00
PH 305AGeneral Physics With Calculus I Lab1.00
PH 304BGen Physics with Calculus II3.00
PH 305BGeneral Physics Lab with Calculus II1.00
Upper Division Requirements
Twenty-six upper division semester hours of Chemistry courses, which must include:26.00
Quantitative Analysis
Organic Chemistry II
Organic Chemistry II Lab
Synthesis and Characterization Lab
Physical/Computational Chemistry Lab
Thermodynamics and Kinetics
Quantum Theory & Spectroscopy
Instrumental Analysis
Instrumental Analysis Lab
Modern Inorganic Chemistry
Junior Chemistry Seminar
Senior Chemistry Seminar
Total SHs57

Prerequisite: ACT score  22 or greater or a C- or better in CH 209 Introductory College Chemistry


Prerequisite may be required depending on mathematics placement.

Chemistry-ACS Certified

In addition to the requirements listed above for the Traditional Chemistry degree, the ACS-certified program requires completion of the following courses:

CH 452ABiochemistry I3.00
CH 499AResearch in Chemistry or Biochemistry1.00
Total SHs4