Physics Major

Lower Division Requirements
CH 210General Chemistry I4.00
CH 211General Chemistry I Lab1.00
CH 230General Chemistry II4.00
CH 231Principles of Chemistry II Lab1.00
CS 210Introduction to Programming3.00
MT 360ACalculus I4.00
MT 360BCalculus II4.00
MT 360CCalculus III4.00
PH 304AGeneral Physics with Calculus I3.00
PH 305AGeneral Physics With Calculus I Lab1
PH 304BGen Physics with Calculus II3.00
PH 305BGeneral Physics Lab with Calculus II1.00
Upper Division Requirements
MT 463Differential Equations3.00
PH 408Analytical Mechanics/Special Relativity3.00
PH 410Electricity and Magnetism3.00
PH 420Electronics4.00
or PH 425 Optics With Laboratory
PH 451Modern Physics Laboratory & Seminar2.00
PH 460Quantum Theory & Spectroscopy3.00
PH 465Statistical Mechanics & Thermodynamics3.00
Upper Division Physics/Astronomy Electives3.00
PH 475Physics Capstone Seminar1.00
Total SHs58