Biology Major (Bachelor of Science)

Major Requirements
BL 258General Biology I: Organismic3.00
BL 259Organismic Biology Lab1.00
BL 260General Biology II: Mlclr & Cellular3.00
BL 261Molecular & Cellular Biology Laboratory1.00
CH 210General Chemistry I4.00
CH 211General Chemistry I Lab1.00
CH 230General Chemistry II4.00
CH 231Principles of Chemistry II Lab1.00
CH 250Organic Chemistry I4.00
CH 251Organic Chemistry Laboratory I1.00
CH 420Organic Chemistry II4.00
CH 421Organic Chemistry II Lab1.00
MT 272/272CStatistics for the Life Sciences3.00
Select one of the following eight semester hour options of physics:8.00
Option One
Gen Physics w/Trigonometry I
and General Physics Lab w/Trigonometry I
General Physics W/trigonometry II
and General Physics Lab w/Trigonometry II
Option Two
General Physics with Calculus I
and General Physics With Calculus I Lab
Gen Physics with Calculus II
and General Physics Lab with Calculus II
A minimum of 25 upper division semester hours of biology which must include:
BL 402Principles of Ecology3.00
BL 403Quantitative Ecology Laboratory1.00
BL 414Principles of Genetics3.00
BL 415Genetics Laboratory1.00
BL 494Seminar in Biology, Society and Ethics 11.00
BL 495Seminar in Evolutionary Biology 11.00
BL 496Seminar in Biology Research 11.00
One of the following research-based courses1.00
Ecology, Evolution, & Behavior Rsrch Lab
Molecular & Cellular Bio Research Lab
Undergraduate Research in Biology
Upper Division Biology Electives or Completion 213.00
Total SHs64

These courses should be taken in sequential course-number order.


BL 498E-W Internship/Biology will not count toward upper division biology elective hours for the B.S. in Biology.

Note: Students interested in medical school, dental school, veterinary school or other graduate programs should consult those schools for additional requirements.