Pre-Pharmacy Typical Prerequisites

BL 258General Biology I: Organismic3.00
BL 259Organismic Biology Lab1.00
BL 260General Biology II: Mlclr & Cellular3.00
BL 261Molecular & Cellular Biology Laboratory1.00
BL 274Principles of Human Anatomy3.00
BL 275Human Anatomy Laboratory1.00
BL 276Principles of Human Physiology3.00
BL 277Human Physiology Laboratory1.00
BL 418Microbiology3.00
BL 419Microbiology Laboratory1.00
RCC 200First Year Writing3.00
CH 210General Chemistry I4.00
CH 211General Chemistry I Lab1.00
CH 230General Chemistry II4.00
CH 231Principles of Chemistry II Lab1.00
CH 250Organic Chemistry I4.00
CH 251Organic Chemistry Laboratory I1.00
CH 420Organic Chemistry II4.00
CH 421Organic Chemistry II Lab1.00
COM 250Speaking to Make a Difference3.00
EC 200Economics for Responsible Citizenship3.00
MT 360ACalculus I4.00
PL 270Philosophical Explorations3.00
PSY 250General Psychology3.00
RT 201/201CReligion and the Human Quest3.00
SO 200Introduction to Sociology3.00
Social Science Elective3.00
Total SHs68