Master of Science in Organizational Leadership

The Master of Science in Organizational Leadership is an intensive, accelerated, post-traditional, integrated learning experience. It is designed to change the way our students think about leadership. The Organizational Leadership degree assumes that we all possess the capacity for leadership, but only those who cultivate it will ever become truly effective leaders. We strive in this program to encourage our students to develop the leader in each of themselves— to become part of the next generation of effective, ethical and socially responsible leaders. The program focuses on the issues of leadership and stewardship in a global environment through the understanding of contemporary topics such as strategy, change, corporate social responsibility, ethics, and emotional intelligence.

Course Sequencing

The following courses should be among the first five courses taken in the program:

All other courses may be taken in any order. When students have successfully completed 27 semester hours of the required course work in the Master of Science in Organization Leadership program, they are permitted to register for LDR 6830 Capstone: Strategic Corp Social Resp, the capstone course.