Master of Business Administration

The Regis MBA is an intensive, accelerated and integrated learning experience that prepares mid- and senior-level leaders to become strategic thinkers and leaders. The program is designed to build management and leadership skills that allow students to make a difference within and across an organization. Students will apply strategic management tools across business disciplines to solve challenging problems in a variety of industries and settings. The program prepares students to be lifelong learners.  Disciplines covered include marketing, accounting, finance, human resources, business intelligence, business law, ethics, operations management, and strategy. Students will be prepared to consider the global and long-term impacts of their decisions and incorporate ethical perspectives and Jesuit Principles into their business decisions.

The Master of Business Administration program requires students to select one of these specializations as part of their degree program:

  • Business and Data Analytics
  • Finance
  • Finance and Accounting
  • General Business
  • Health Industry Leadership
  • Marketing
  • Strategy and Innovation

Course Sequencing

The MBA program is grouped into four discipline-specific cores that should be completed in the order outlined in the Catalog.  We highly encourage students to complete their courses in the order listed and to complete one core before moving to the next core.

Independent and Special Studies

Independent and Special Studies courses are available through consultation with MBA faculty and with the approval of the MBA program director. Independent and Special Studies courses are described in the General Information section of this Catalog under the “Independent, Special and Extended Studies” heading.


Regis MBA students are required to declare a discipline-specific specialization that will dive deeper into a specific discipline such as Strategy and Innovation or Marketing.  MBA students should consider which specialization will help them progress toward their career goals.  A General Business/Create your own specialization is also available for students who do not want to focus on a specific discipline. Students should complete the MBA core courses before beginning their specialization courses.  Specializations require a minimum of nine hours. It is recommended that students declare a specialization after completing their forth or fifth MBA course. 

Second Specialization

A Regis MBA graduate who wishes to return for a second MBA specialization must complete another application and the required courses for the new specialization including a minimum of nine semester hours of courses unique to the new specialization. A second degree option is not available in the MBA program. A certificate for the specialization earned is awarded upon completion of the requirements.

Discipline-Specific Cores

The Regis MBA courses are grouped into four discipline-specific cores: Business Core, Management Core, Strategy Core, Specialization Core. The cores present common themes that encourage students to make connections across disciplines.  The cores also challenge students to observe systemic connections and interactions among business functional areas.