Master of Science in Accounting

The Regis University Master of Science in Accounting was developed to allow those interested in accounting to broaden and deepen their accounting skills. Many students in the program are seasoned professionals who want to both broaden and deepen their knowledge and skills in accounting. Others have recently completed their undergraduate studies, who seek to train for professional careers that require an advanced accounting degree. In addition, the classes may help the student meet the “150 Hour Requirement” for CPA licensure and/or the requirements for the CMA designation.

The mission of the Master of Science in Accounting program is to educate students for leadership roles in their profession and their organization. The focus of this 30-credit hour program is hands-on experience, ethics, and advanced accounting skills. The focus is incorporating the use of data analysis to make informed decisions and resolving the complex issues that surround their organizations and the global business environment.  Students are prepared to continually grow their capabilities in decision-making to consider the consequences of these decisions on the common good, public trust, and sustainability of the future, embracing the core of their Jesuit education.

Course Sequencing

Students are expected to satisfy all program prerequisite requirements prior to taking 6000-level courses. All other course sequencing is indicated via prerequisites listed in course descriptions.

Regis undergraduate accounting students are allowed to take up to nine hours of 6000‐level classes during their senior year, up to six hours of which may count for both undergraduate and graduate degree requirements.

Program Foundation Courses

Eighteen semester hours of program foundation courses permit non-business managers the opportunity to acquire the informational background necessary to pursue advanced (6000-level) courses. These courses are required for students admitted to the degree seeking or certificate program who have previously completed course work in the specific areas. Program foundation courses may be taken on a Pass/No Pass basis. Master of Science in Accounting students are required to earn a passing grade in all program foundation courses.

Some or all of the foundation courses may be waived for students with sufficient educational background in the respective business areas covered. Students who petition to waive prerequisite courses must submit documentation showing successful mastery of the course content through CLEP or DSST exams.