Project Leadership and Management MBA

CBE 6020Leading in a New Era3.00
CBE 6030Business Intelligence & Analytics3.00
MGT 6000Accounting for Managers3.00
MGT 6017Operations Management3.00
MGT 6010Ethical & Legal Environment of Business3.00
MKT 6240Marketing Strategy3.00
PM 6510Delivering Organizational Excellence 13.00
PM 6520Agile Product Development3.00
PM 6560Strategic & Business Mgmt-Prjct Managers3.00
PM 6570Leading Projects in Contemporary Orgs 23.00
PM 6580Management of Project Performance 23.00
PM 6590Project Monitoring & Delivery 23.00
Total SHs36

1 Should be first course completed 

2 Courses must be taken in the following order: PM 6570, PM 6580, PM 6590