Programs of Study

Undergraduate Degrees

The Undergraduate Business and Computing degrees prepare students for multiple careers. Computing undergraduate degrees emphasize the theory, abstraction and design of computer systems as well as the use of information systems to address real world problems. Course and laboratory work offer students the means to achieve recognized mastery of computer information technology concepts and their application to real-world problems. The Anderson College of Business and Computing received special accreditation for three undergraduate degree programs by the Computing Accreditation Council of the Commission of the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology (ABET): the three degree programs are the BS in Computer Information Systems; the BS in Information Technology and the BS in Computer Science.

Business undergraduate degrees provide the relevant and broad foundation students need to pursue a variety of careers. We focus on marketing, management, finance, accounting, project management, and human resource management.  The business degrees challenge students with real business problems and offer the tools and methods to solve them.  Business students practice defining difficult problems, effectively leading and communicating with diverse groups, and producing innovative and ethical solutions that align with the long-term health of society.

Students have the opportunity to focus their studies in one of the following degree areas:

  • Combined BS and MS degrees in the Anderson College of Business and Computing

The Fast Forward Program: Pursuing a Master Degree as an Undergraduate

Anderson College undergraduate students can pursue one of our Anderson College master’s degrees while earning their undergraduate degree. Using our Fast Forward program, qualified undergraduates may be allowed to take up to four graduate courses (12 credits) as part of fulfilling their undergraduate degree requirements.

Anderson College undergraduates can apply in their junior or senior year for admittance into any Anderson College graduate program (MS, MBA, MNM).  See admission criteria below.

Some Anderson College combined BS to master’s programs provide descriptions below that outline specific courses that students can take.  Students must work with their academic success coach and graduate faculty advisor to determine the appropriate course work for the combined degree program.  Depending on the undergraduate major, students may be able to use graduate courses in place of courses in their major, or may need to use their general elective credits.

Fast Forward Admission Criteria

  • Undergraduate students apply to the master’s program through their academic success coach. They can apply during their junior or senior year if they
    • carry a 3.0 GPA (a 3.5 GPA is required for the MBA programs),
    • have completed 15 credit hours at Regis, and
    • completed 6 credit hours in their degree program.
  • Undergraduate students are required to talk to the graduate program director or a faculty member or an academic success coach about the demands of the graduate program before being admitted.
  • Students admitted to a graduate program cannot take graduate courses until they complete the foundational/lower-division courses in their major unless they receive permission from the program director or department chair.
  • Admitted students must complete any prerequisites and admissions requirements before taking graduate-level courses.
  • Undergraduate students admitted to a master’s program can take up to 12 graduate credits if they have available elective credits or the graduate courses may apply toward their major.