Library Services

The Regis University Library provides the Regis community with significant resources for research, in print, online, and multimedia formats; a variety of areas for individual study and collaboration; and professional assistance for extensive research and document delivery. The Library is committed to providing excellent service to all students, no matter their location or mode of instruction.

The Regis University Library Information Literacy Program advances the information literacy skills of the students of Regis University. Recognizing that effective, appropriate and ethical use of information is crucial to critical thinking, decision-making, and lifelong learning, library faculty collaborate with teaching faculty to foster critical thinking skills and competent retrieval and use of information in order to prepare students for the challenges of academia and their personal and professional lives. Librarians offer instruction about research skills in a variety of settings, including hands-on research sessions, class visits, research consultations and online instruction sessions.

Dayton Memorial Library, which houses the physical collections, library faculty, and staff, is located on the Northwest Denver campus. The building has individual study stations, numerous group and individual study rooms, a computer classroom, and multi-functional meeting rooms.

The Regis collections contain print volumes, current print periodicals, online journals, and e-books. Regis is a depository for federal government documents and offers a growing collection of multimedia materials including documentary and feature DVDs, and streaming media. The Library licenses numerous specialized, full-text, and statistical databases in support of the curriculum and research at the university.

The Regis University Library contributes to Prospector, an integrated online catalog, that links the Library to the major academic and public libraries in Colorado and Wyoming. Prospector provides access to more than 32 million volumes with physical delivery to the user in a matter of days.

The Regis Archives and Special Collections contain the inactive administrative archives of Regis University and Loretto Heights College. These records include unpublished materials documenting the Catholic presence in the Southwest during the nineteenth century.  The Special Collections support the university curriculum with its collections of personal records, such as the Richard H. Truly U.S. Space Program Collection; its objects, such as the Notarianni Political Collection of U.S. presidential campaign items; and its rare books, such as medieval illuminated manuscripts and the Edward S. Curtis forty-volume set of ethnographies and photogravures depicting pre-industrial cultures of the North American Indian.

The Regis Santo Collection includes historical and contemporary Roman Catholic devotional objects from the American Southwest, Mexico and throughout Central America, and the Philippines. Many santos from this teaching collection are on display in the Thomas J. Steele, S.J. Santo Gallery in the Dayton Memorial Library. Significant portions of Special Collections and the Santo Collection are available online through the Regis University Digital Collections. The digital collections also contain a wide variety of open access, digital information including scholarly work by students and faculty of the university, as well as unique, digitized archival materials and institutional records from Archives and Special Collections.

Student Disability & University Testing

Student Disability Services/University Testing is committed to ensuring equal access to programming and University sponsored events for qualified students with disabilities.

To be eligible for disability accommodation services, qualified students with documented disabilities must register with the SDS/UT by completing an application, providing documentation of a disability and participating in an intake meeting prior to receiving accommodations.  Students may disclose a disability and request accommodations at any time during the term; however, it is suggested that students disclose at the beginning of their academic career since accommodations are not retroactive. Reasonable and appropriate accommodations are considered on an individual basis depending upon the disability, the documentation, and course format. Accommodations can only be approved through Student Disability Services/University Testing and not through the professor.

Five- and eight-week courses are fast paced and reading intensive. Since incomplete grades are seldom granted, these courses are expected to be completed during the term. Students should contact the program advisor and/or a SDS/UT if they have concerns about a disability and the pace of these types of courses.  Student Disability Services is located in David Clarke Hall, 241.  To schedule an appointment students may call 303-458-4941 or email  For more information, visit

The Learning Commons

The learning Commons offers a variety of free academic support services for all Regis students. TLC services include the Writing Center, Subject Tutoring and Academic Success Workshops. An overview of services, contact information, hours, links to scheduling websites, and a calendar of workshops can be found at