Post-Graduate Academic Certificate in Depth Psychoteraphy

The Post-Graduate Certificate in Depth Psychotherapy (DP) is designed to prepare professional counselors who wish to learn depth psychological learning methodologies that address community and global issues and the complex psychological processes of change required to address issues of meaning, values, and a just existence from an individual, community and cultural perspective. The certificate is a planned program of study which includes 18 graduate credits (six courses). Certificate course work is offered in evening formats so that student may complete the course work within one calendar year.

This certificate is designed for community professionals with a master’s degree in counseling or closely related area of clinical psychotherapy who meet the program requirements for admission to the certificate program. Current graduate students in the MAC/MAMFT program may also be admitted to the DP certificate program concurrently during their master’s degree course work. The DP certificate cannot be awarded to current students until the semester following graduation from the master’s degree program and completion of the certificate course work.