Traditional Undergraduate Education Programs

Dr. Heidi Barker, Professor, Associate Dean

Dr. Elizabeth Grassi, Professor

Dr. Jeanine Coleman, Associate Professor

Dr. Vikki Hennard, Assistant Professor

Ms. Nan Williams, Assistant Professor

Room 228 Carroll Hall
Regis University
3333 Regis Boulevard, Mail Code H-12
Denver, CO 80221

Phone: 303-458-4135

The traditional undergraduate teacher education programs in Regis College actively engage teacher candidates in collaborative, reflective, and challenging learning experiences that wholly develop their capabilities as committed, caring, and qualified educators. Education students are actively involved in urban and diverse field experiences beginning with their introductory education courses.

The traditional programs offer professional licensure in elementary, secondary, and K-12 art, music, and foreign language. A unique feature of our teaching program requires all students to complete an additional endorsement in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education in conjunction with their secondary, elementary or K-12 license. Students also have the option to complete coursework for an endorsement in Special Education Generalist.

Students also have an option of completing minors or concentrations of study with the education department. These minors can be earned in addition to teaching licensure or independent from a teaching license. The minors include Special Education and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education. (For details on these minors, see sections after the licensure sequences listed below.)

All students enrolled in the Traditional Undergraduate Teacher Licensure Program at Regis College must have co-academic advisors, one in the major field and one in the Education Department.

The programs leading to recommendation for licensure, either at the elementary level or in a particular subject area at the secondary level, contain their own specific requirements. These requirements are listed on the advising sheet pertinent to that subject area. The advising sheets are available from an advisor in the Education Department. It is the student’s responsibility to meet the requirements listed on that advising sheet.

The Regis Education Department Teacher Licensure Program is subject to the laws and regulations mandated by the Colorado State Board of Education and by the Colorado State Legislature. Changes in these laws and regulations can occur with little notice. Resulting modifications in the Regis program are communicated to students as soon as they are mandated by law.

Teacher Licensure Sequence

As a professional state licensure program, students may have requirements beyond those in Regis College. Performance and licensure standards can be found in the student handbook and on the Colorado Department of Education website. In addition students will adhere to the Dispositions of Teaching located in the student handbook.

The professional sequence of education courses are designed to lead to licensure at either the K-6, 7-12, or K-12 grade levels in Colorado. Regis College undergraduate students enrolled in this sequence begin developing teacher performance, dispositions, and knowledge during their first courses and initial field experiences. This developmental process is monitored by the Regis Division of Education faculty, and students are evaluated each semester on their progress in this process. Evaluations are based on their work at Regis and in their fieldwork in the actual K-6, 7-12, or K-12 classroom. Regis students who begin this sequence may be counseled to pursue a profession other than teaching if their progress in one or all aspects of the sequence is considered unsatisfactory or if they do not manifest sufficient mastery of the skills necessary for successful entry into the teaching profession. A deficiency in one or more of these behaviors may be denied admission by the COTER, or removal, or probation from the program at any point.

For students with a B.A. or B.S. seeking teacher licensure, Regis College offers the Master of Arts in Education Graduate Teacher Program. This program provides Regis College graduates a licensure track with a master’s degree. For information about this licensure option, refer to the Master of Arts in Education Graduate Teacher Licensure Program that follows in this section of the Catalog.

Private/Parochial Track

Students who intend to teach in the private/parochial sector may complete a portion of their fieldwork in private or parochial school in consultation with their academic advisor. Coursework is parallel to the licensure sequences below.

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