Bachelor of Science in Health and Exercise Science (HES)

Program Description

Health status has been shown to be related to many factors including illness and disease, but it is also related to lifestyle, environmental exposures, social status, cultural affiliation, spiritual belief and access to health services. The Bachelor of Science in Health and Exercise Science offers the foundation to use strategies to help others reduce health risks and increase overall health, as well as evaluate and advocate for policies that influence public health for the common good. In Jesuit education it is known as cura personalis. To HES students it means looking at all aspects that affect individuals’ and communities’ health, including social justice issues, along with each individual’s unique circumstances, challenges and gifts.

The Bachelor of Science in Health and Exercise Science (HES) combines the following principles to optimize physical, mental and social wellbeing: behavioral health, biomechanics, exercise physiology, health psychology, motor behavior, and nutrition. In addition to the course work included in this degree, students complete a required internship to gain practical experience in such areas as community health, individual fitness, or health policy settings. The HES degree is foundational for careers in health and wellness, personal training or community health. Careers include Exercise Physiologists, Exercise Specialists, Personal Trainers, Fitness Center Managers, Health Coaches, and Wellness Directors.

The four-year, 120 semester hour, Bachelor of Science in HES degree includes preparation for various American College of Sport Medicine (ACSM) certifications. With specific advising and use of electives, students can fulfill specific prerequisite coursework to enter professional post-baccalaureate programs in Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Athletic Training, Exercise Physiology and a variety of other health care fields.

Admission Requirements

Admissions requirements for Regis University traditional undergraduate students are outlined in this General Information section of this Catalog under the Regis University Admissions heading.

Progression Requirements

The minimum passing grade for any course taken towards satisfying the Health and Exercise Science major or minor is a C-.” This standard applies to all lower and upper division Health and Exercise Science courses and all other courses serving as a prerequisite for later courses including any core courses that serve as prerequisite for lower and upper division program requirements.